Production of wide variety of Polyethylene products


The company of Saniplastmehr had commenced their activity in small unit of production located in the city of Tehran in 2004. After a short period, in terms of the needs of market and according to the ability of company’s engineers have been developing their products. As result, after 16 years of endless efforts, have improved their annual production rate more than 36000 tones. With regard to well-being of customers, has provided a wide variety of products.

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What do you know about us ?

The production group of Saniplastmehr with high experience, experienced staff and advanced machines in the world have been producing and printing nylon, nylex, stretch, cellophane, shrinks, bag for shopping, advertising, rubbish and so on. The production group of Saniplastmehr is able to manufacture and print up to 15 tones for nylon, nylex and cellophane daily without any poor quality. The endeavor of this company causes to supply the highest and best quality of products.

On one hand, that is our pleasure to meet costumers physically. On the other hand, decreasing the cost of transportation for costumers. So, we located our production units in Tehran and the vicinity r honorable customers. Saniplastmehr comp any consumes particular raw materials for guilds which need the high level of sanitary for instances hospitals, manufacturers of hygienic material, foodstuffs and so on … In addition, in 2020, this company have been producing the plastic industrial machinery.

Customers satisfaction

Satisfaction of customers and the quality of products is a dominant feature which is lionized by company’s management system. We are able to present our products in the forms of the best quality and the most suitable price in the market

  • Factory of Borujerd
  • In 2006, aiming to their own expansion scheme and increasing the further production for internal and external market demand, Saniplastmehr company had stablished a unit in the city of Borujerd to produce Polyethylene films containing Shrink and wide variety of multi-layer films.


Second factory

Started in In 2020, relying on technical knowledge, efficient and development-seeking managers, Saniplastmehr initiated their own third unit on a land area of 10000 meters in industrial city of Safadash based on producing various types of stretch films of strap palate and films of OPE, CPE, CPP laminating and printing. Launching to be able to respond the needs of own customers in the best possible way.

Machine manufacturing

Machine manufacturing In 2020, according to prevalence of Corona virus (Covid-19) the technical and engineer group of Saniplastmehr company had produced a first sewing and cutting machine with completely internal equipment for disposable gloves. In order to able to serve the industry of plastic, health and hygiene of society.

In the first phase machine manufacturing, we have started to producing sewing and cutting machines for all kinds of nylons and gloves. According to the best technology of contemporary globalization with co-operation and incorporative of our Indian associations, we have commenced studies based on manufacturing the extrusion lines to produce various types of plastic films and we prospect to be able to localize the first advanced plastic film production machine.

Address of factory

  • unit 1
  • Borujerd
  • unit 2
  • Shams Abad
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