plastic print

plastic print

It is pleasure for Saniplastmehr company to be at honorable customer services in the field of printing on Metallize plastic, foil, paper, nylon and nylex with 2 kinds of printing containing Flaxo and Helio. In this printings, it can be write some cases of specifications and information of goods such as the brand of producer, production and expiration date of constituent of material, address and number of factory and so on … with the best and appropriate appearance.


Types of printing

  • Flaxo printing (outstanding) :

This type of printing is produced by Clichè or flexible stencil. Additionally, it has a high speed in printing and rapid drying of the ink. As result, it can be able to produce the most products.

  • Helio printing (Heliogravur) :

This type of printing is a kind of concave printings as opposed to Flaxo printing, it is covered by cylindrical Clichè which is made by copper and cast iron. Although, the mechanism of function is similar to Flaxo printing. It should be explained that the accuracy and quality of Helio printing is so excellent and the cost is more expensive than Flaxo printing.

Design of various types of packaging

We can prepare any design you want or if you do not have design we will use the most experienced designers for you .

The pricing

The pricing for each product are in the forms of competitive in printing company. For increasing our production efficiency and well-being of customers, we represent the price in terms of 4 items such as:

  • Kinds of film (nylon, nylex, foil, metallize, OPP, CPP and so on …)
  • Thickness and width of film
  • Amount of customer order in terms of kilogram
  • The number of design color and amount of consuming color in each Clichè (1 to 10 color with susceptibility of back and front printing)

How to contact to our consultants and order

You just take a screenshot from your considered products after that, send it in our mobile number by whatsapp. After submitting, please wait till our sales clerks give you the related information in the shortest time. If you do not have the accessibility to whatsapp, you can call to the phone number of company or come in the company. So, our sales clerks can respond to your questions and give the information to honorable customers and this information are containing from kinds of material used, dimension, thickness, duration of production and delivery and payment way. We can make contract agreement. That is our pleasure to be at your honorable customer service.

” Our goal and quote is your satisfaction”

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