Disposable Tablecloth

Various disposable tablecloth production

Production in all dimensions

Production in ready-made designs or custom design print

Production quality and print guaranteed

SANI PLAST MEHR is able to produce various plastic products by eliminating intermediators wholesale from factory.

One of the customers problems for using disposable cloths in events is its bad appearance, however luxury disposable tablecloth due to the attractive design and high resemblance to regular tablecloths are very suitable for ceremonies and parties.

Luxury disposable tablecloths are able to be ordered in different designs and colors, which another advantage of it compared to regular tablecloths is the ability to use different and attractive designs in different ceremonies. As example for awake and passing ceremonies you can use dark color disposable tablecloths, for birthday party ceremonies buy custom or vibrant designs.

Bulk Production of Disposable Tablecloth

SANI PLAST factories are able to produce various disposable plastics with intermediators elimination and direct from factory, therefore with the lowest price possible we can put various plastics at your disposal.

Luxury Disposable Tablecloth Packaging

The cloth after production and print is rolled in the roll machine. The roll is wrapped around cardboard bobbins and the product details are on it, and for extra support both roll wrap ends are glued so the luxury disposable tablecloths are placed in the best packaging form.

Luxury Tablecloth Thickness

Luxury Tablecloths have different designs like gold press, flowers, geometric designs and … etc., and this tablecloth as it appears from the cloth name is mostly used for formal ceremonies, thus for more attractive appearance higher thickness is considered, its advised use luxury disposable cloths in special ceremonies.

Does Luxury Disposable Tablecloth have Perforations?

In most cases they don’t use perforations for these type of tablecloths because for each party different dimension of this tablecloth is needed which with having perforations in the middle of the tablecloth makes it ugly, however with customers request in relations with perforation production there are no restrictions. This tablecloth can be cut with a knife or scissor and have no worries in regards to liquids passing through the perforations.

The High Importance of Luxury Disposable Tablecloth Print Quality

The most important item in luxury tablecloths is its print quality and beautiful appearance, because if the print is not quality it’s not possible to name it luxury tablecloth.

SANI PLAST factories guarantees the production quality and the print quality. SANI PLAST factories group gives high importance to production quality, and these tablecloths are produced in a way which so a drop of water or food material doesn’t pass through them.

Production Quality Grading

Typical disposable tablecloths are mostly made of grade 2 (carbonite) material but for ceremonial samples it is advised you use grade 1 raw material.

The ability to customize luxury disposable tablecloth price: production raw material has various levels of quality which considering its raw material the prices are different, you can use grade 1, 2 or 3. (for luxury samples it is advised to use grade 1 quality.)

Benefits of Plastic Disposable Tablecloths

  • Easy to use and ability to dispose in the fastest time possible
  • Not having the need to clean it
  • Low price
  • Having different designs for different ceremonies


Various disposable tablecloth production


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