Food Material Pouch Bag

Production in all Thicknesses and Dimension

FULL HD Print 1 to 12 colors


It can be said with confidence one of the most likable and resistant types of food packaging which is also accounted as the most attractive packaging is food material bag which SANI PLAST is able to produce various types of bag packages in bulk form.

This type of packaging or the same as stand up bags are not just put for food material use rather any trade can use this type of material for packaging, SANI PLAST group has even produced this type of packaging for mobile sellers, beauty product, jewelry shops, and … also.

Effect of Stand Up Pouch Bag in Sales Volume

As we said previously this type of packaging due to its resistant and beautiful and special and high printability material has direct effects in the shopper eye behind stores showcases which cause customers’ attention to be drawn to standup bags.

Stand Up Bag Having Zipper or Vacuum

For Closing these types of bags three methods can be operated which include:

  1. Order with zip tight
  2. Order in vacuum form
  3. Order with zip tight and vacuum

If you want to order in zip tight form alone, you have pay attention to this tip that zip tight opening possibility exists which this matter causes air passaging from inside the package and its rotting therefor it’s not advised for items and productions which require a long time till use. This item is mostly a use item of food material booths and pharmacologists.

But can with use of vacuum bring air permeability possibility to zero which most producers order this type so shipping and handling and delivery time doesn’t cause any problems for the packaged content.

With ordering vacuum and zip tight you will have one of the most convenient types of packaging use because the consumer after opening the vacuum can also open and close the packaging manually and will not have to change the packaging which in the end causes more package viewing by the consumer and will increase your sales amount.

Production in all Thicknesses and Dimension (Implementing All Packaging Custom Making Affair)

You dears can order stand up pouch bag in any dimension that you need, also if you can’t identify the dimension according to the needs which having just make contact with SANI PLAST consultants.

Any type customization from the customer side is possible, for example to view the material inside the package you can order in form of with window bag or install a valve on the package or other items that you have in mind.

Any type of general custom work is also accepted from hanger installation, handle installation, valve installation, special vacuums…

Stand Up Bag Price and Print Price on It

Bag pricing is calculated on polyethylene, CPP, OPP, and BOPP prices which due to unstable economy and instant price changes inserting price possibility in the site doesn’t exist hence for receiving price it is enough to make contact with us.

Print price pricing is also calculated on the available colors on the package which you must reference the design to us till we in the fastest time possible inform you the price.

Packaging Bag Print

Packaging bags have different types which on all of them printing is done which in this article we try to explain in relation with all bag packaging types and how to print on each one and production price. (SANI PLAST producer of various polyethylene products.)

Various Packaging Bag

Packaging bags have different materials and types which are of:

  1. Simple bag
  2. Side gusset, bottom gusset, three side gusset bag (Gusset cause bag volume an increase)
  3. Three side seal (stand up)
  4. Metalized, gold, black, red and other colors
  5. Packaging bag having zipper
  6. Vacuum bag
  7. Installation of transparent window for highlighting inside packaging material which any shape is able to be produced. (square, rectangle, triangle window or customer customized form of any type)
  8. Transparent back metalized or completely transparent
  9. Kraft pouch bag
  10. Box pouch bag
  11. … .

How is Print on Packaging Bag Done and Print Cost Amount

All the customer’s that want customized print on packaging bag are not for small volume or home use in most cases is for packaging one production line, SANI PLAST due to bulk production is not able to accept order under one ton for print item.

Design, Print, Delivery Order Registration Steps

  1. In first step must select your packaging type which in the previous title we named a couple of bag types, you can also with vising the main office view and feel various samples so you have the best pick.
  2. In the next step if you need printing you must reference your design so according to the available color print price and cylinder price is referenced to you, in case you have a special design in mind we can help you in design also.
  3. For receiving print price send us the image for print so according to your order amount and colors count available in your image a price is quoted to you.

How is Helio Print Done

Helio print is the best print possible for metalized (aluminum), transparent, gusseted, stand up, and … bags packaging which 1 to 8 color full HD is done. Therefore, any design with the most possible details with any amount of color with the highest possible quality is printed. (Print quality in contract registration is done in guarantee form and in case of a problem the load is canceled).

Print on Metalized Pouch Bag

Most orders for line food productions is packaging bag with metalized material (BOPP) which if you have noticed food shops more than 90% of packages are metalized which in other cases pearlized or transparent packaging is also used which printing on them also like metalized is very high and quality.

What is metalized? You must have seen chips packaging which the inside has aluminum color this type of material is named metalized but for bag packages metalize lamination is done from OPP on CPP and BOPP after which also in other words called three-layer pouch bag which has a very very high resistance.

Print on with Window Bag

To bags which have transparent window for viewing inside the packaging is said having the window type which with one creative and quality print one eye catching packaging can be produced, window can be in any geometric form or customized and in any dimension.

Dry Goods Bag

Due to intense competition which exists between producers of dry goods, dried fruits and this type of food for entering the competition and receiving one suitable yield you need to have the best food packaging which its best type is packaging bag.


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