Freezer Bag

Producer of various freezer bags

Production of various freezer bags in all dimensions and thicknesses

Production of various zip lock, boxed, roll … freezer bags

Production quality and low price guaranteed

SANI PLAST MEHR is able to produce various plastic products by eliminating intermediators wholesale from factory.


SANI PLAST is the producer of various polyethylene products which freezer bag is also considered one of its variants, therefore SANI PLAST is the producer of various freezer bag types and in all dimension and can resolve all your needs regarding this.

Freezer Bag Price

SANI PLAST due to intermediators elimination and direct production from factory and also lower pricing relative to other producers’ can place various types of freezer nylon with the lowest possible price in your authority. Just contact us and price your sample.

Freezer Bag Packaging Variety

As we said previously SANI PLAST produces various freezer bags and has no restriction in its production therefore you can order various types according to the amount wanted for sale and the need you have which include:

  1. Regular packaging freezer bag
  2. Box freezer Bag (similar tissue box)
  3. Plastic freezer roll packaging
  4. Order bulk form

In relation with the first three a particular explanation doesn’t exist, but in relation with bulk freezer bag producer without bulk packaging is in this form that the customer doesn’t pick any particular packaging for freezer bags and in reality is buying in kilo form that will not have a particular packaging also.

Print 1 to 8 Color 1 to 8 Color Full HD for Freezer Bag Packaging

One of the most important items in sale of a product behind stores showcases is use of an attractive packaging, which cause your sales an eye catching increase therefore if you want to convert your freezer bag into a brand surely use from one attractive packaging with one print with quality.

SANI PLAST provides production quality, packaging and print in guarantee form to customers’ and can according to the budget amount that you want to do offer the best packaging to you.

Most Applicable Freezer Bag

Humans every day are thinking of making their work easier during the day and as soon as a they find a new method they no longer use old methods, in relation with freezer nylon is the same form, also currently the most convenient freezer bag packaging type for home and common use are rolled freezer bag and boxed freezer bag which surely for completing your product don’t forget this type.

With Zipper Freezer Bag

One of the most resistant packagings replacing a freezer bag can be with zipper samples which using it has been easy and has a higher quality compared to freezer bags but this tip is important that its price is also relatively higher than freezer bags.

For viewing various plastic zip lock models and complete information just click on the colored linked word.


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