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Producer of various greenhouse (agriculture) nylon

Production in 1.5 meter to 18 meter measurement

Production in various thicknesses


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SANI PLAST MEHR is able to produce various plastic products by eliminating intermediators and wholesale form from factory.

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Greenhouse nylon the low density polyethylene type and having different additives is for more efficiency, in accordance to the requester need variety of additives can be used as an example one of the most applicable types of additive is ultra violet radiation (UV) which also famous as greenhouse UV nylon.

Anti-Sun Light Additive (Anti Ultra Violet Radiation (UV))

UV nylon causes cultivated products to stay safe from UV radiation and also causes life line increase of the plastic it-self against direct sun light radiation. Also the amount of UV additive varies according to the amount of sunlight in different regions, which SANI PLAST will produce exactly what you want according to your need.

Infrared (IR) Additive

Direct solar radiation during the day causes temperature increase however during the night this temperature disappears therefore by using IR additive to factory films cause infrared absorption and temperature adjustment during night.

Another benefit of infrared additive to greenhouse nylon is heat coating, meaning in situations when solar radiation becomes hot and strong this additive protects the cultivated plants or flowers.

Anti-Fog Additive

Due to closing of greenhouse area by agriculture nylon photosynthesis happens inside the greenhouse its self, which causes decrease of growth efficiency because we are faced with a 30% decrease of light absorption by the plant, also the dews on the plants disappear very late because the greenhouse area is limited, dews work like magnifiers and cause the leaves to burn. Thus using anti-fog additive in films have lots of benefits.

The number of additives are a lot which for different regions with different climates different additives are used. SANI PLAST is able to resolve all your needs for quality wide nylon orders with all features.

Price of Wide Greenhouse Nylon Production in SANI PLAST

SANI PLAST factories are producer of various polyethylene products, agriculture plastic pricing is according to petrochemical raw material price, pricing is very low due to elimination of intermediators and direct production.

Wide Black Nylon

Nylon which has black color causes light and heat absorption but it doesn’t transmit any direct light radiation from its self therefore lots of farmers use black agriculture nylon for self-special crop products.


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