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SANI PLAST made gloves are manufactured in a unique and new form which we call Perforated Gloves. These gloves have perforations from its wrist location; and having the ability to use it without having to touch the packaging is the main advantage of this product; two types, adhesive and rolls can be manufactured for usage.

Disposable gloves are utilized a lot in industrial, household, and even medical fields. For example, homes, kitchens, chemical and paint manufacturers and much more, thus making this product directly involved and highly used by the consumer.

Disposable gloves are also able to be manufactured with a Nylon (LDPE) compound which has a very high elasticity capability. And at the request of the customer we are the only manufacturer of this product in Iran and considering the high manufacturing capacity of this product in SANI PLAST Co, we can easily call them the largest manufacturer of this product in Iran and Middle East.

With capability to manufacture over 5,000,000 packages or in other words 500,000,000 gloves per month, without a doubt this company is known as the largest producer of polyethylene gloves in Iran.

Disposable Gloves

Typical disposable gloves are made of HDPE (high density poly ethylene.) Flexibility, comfort, fitment, and being economical, which in other words for what its utilized for is the reason why HDPE is used


HDPE gloves are made in various thicknesses, from 10 microns/layer to 50 microns/layer; which lower thicknesses (10 microns/layer) are manufactured and used in the market.

HDPE gloves are able to be made with or without embossment in various colors and often bright.

Manufactured gloves are usually Free Size so it can be used in a wide range of markets without limits in the hands of consumers.

HDPE gloves at various weights from 0.65g – 1.10g and according to how its used can be manufactured. In today’s market due to it being more economical for the consumer 0.85g is often manufactured; which with its considerable low weight it has a noticeable durability.

HDPE gloves are packed typically in boxes of 100 (50 pairs) and if more is used then boxes of 500 are packed. This product is manufactured and packed in cardboard or plastic packaging considering its type of use which each have benefits and disadvantages.

Plastic packs are often more favored due to being more economical; and cardboard box packs due to the particular packaging are used in a sanitary and easier way.

Small packs are packed in larger packages which shapes are as shown below

Cartons of 100 Box Packs

Cartons of 500 Plastic Packs

This product due to the Corona virus has provided manufacturers a widespread international market lately. For international shipping and handling each container has the ability to be loaded with 1,700 cartons or 170,000 packs of cardboard box packages, and for plastic packaging 2,200 cartons or 220,000 packs in each container.


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