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OPP Cellophane

One of the most consumable container and food packaging plastics for direct product sales in between people are BOPP and OPP cellophane which Sani Plast is producer of its variety in all thicknesses and dimension which does all printing affair also in the topic continuation will fully explain in relation with this plastic type.

What is OPP Cellophane?

To propylene films which have high printability and in industry are recognized with alias names BOPP and OPP which are famous to Tres also in different industries have various applications.

For better understanding can point to metalized cellophane which has its same silver with aluminum color which one of the best examples can pointed chips and puffs packages.

BOPP, OPP, CPP Cellophane Application

Can say over 90% of food packages which seeing in food shops are packaged with this type of raw material and plastic packaging which due to very high printability and it being sanitary has countless uses which doesn’t end just to food.

OPP Film Use Direction

OPP or BOPP or CPP film use direction or to give a whole this type of items which are produced in film or roll form for packaging only needs to have one seal or its same packaging machine, Sani Plast can do the seal for you but in any way for filling the package must have vacuum machine.

Most factories that order food packaging cellophane rolls have its seal and packaging machine in possession the desired machine must be procured because whether Sani Plast or any other producer is able to seal the package and deliver it and for filling the factories packaging must have at least a vacuum machine.

Cellophane Variety

To give a whole OPP cellophane is divided to 3 different categories which are of:

Pearlized cellophane: to samples which have a milky color or its same pearlize base are called pearlized cellophane which can view one of its samples in bottom.

Metalized cellophane (BOPP cellophane): to cellophane which have aluminum base color are called BOPP cellophane or same as metalized like chips packages.

Transparent Cellophane: no difference exists in between this type and the top two types and the only difference is this that this sample has transparent color and the product in mind shows in it.

What is CPP Film?

CPP film is like OPP film with only this difference that used in single layer form and transparent form and the reason of using this layer on packages is increasing seal ability and resistance, CPP films is not usable for packaging in alone form and is only used in laminate form for increase packaging strength.

Full HD 1 to 12 Color Print

One of the most important items in advertising and sales yield is the use of a quality packaging with suitable quality print which can receive the best sales amount, from this direction various words, logo, images… etc. is done with the most up-to-date machines and highest quality.

Order Direction

Sani Plast has no restriction in production thus can reference exactly what is wanted to us so with quality guaranteed produce your sample for you also if problem in selecting sample or design it’s enough to hit the main office in person so view various work samples and have the best choice with the lowest prices.

OPP, CPP and BOPP Film Buying Direction: identify the film or also known as roll dimension send the desired image for print and if has no print the raw roll film sample will be given to you and after with industrial machines or manually can start the packaging.

For receiving all details and buying steps enough just make contact with our consultants.

Various CPP, BOPP and OPP Film Export to All Europe and Asia Locations (OPP Roll and …etc.)

With notice to monetary growth rate in Iran most of industrial and even European and Foreign consumers which need packaging for decreasing costs have turned to Iran’s plastic production market which has no difference or any less quality between western samples and our productions which thus most European customers which are mostly also German have started multiple and long lasting orders with us.

Thus Sani Plast is ready to produce and export OPP roll, BOPP film, CPP film and or laminating on each other.

What is BOPP film? BOPP in reality is in fact same as metalize cellophane which the best example for this sample can point to chips silver interior packaging, now imagine are said to BOPP film metalize twisted rolls or same as metalize film.

What is the cellophane packaging resistance difference with other packaging types?

To confidence can be said that the most resistant packaging type after metal packages or cans is this CPP and BOPP and OPP cellophanes which with lamination on one another its resistance becomes as much, and the other point which is much more important which is causing this type packaging to be accounted as the best packaging type is the easy use of that and I the same position is this packaging type eye catching resistance.

Other point which is causing this type packaging differentiation with other packaging is this which has very high customization ability and can with a creative idea order the packaging which up to now has not existed in the market and causes becoming special and receiving better sale in behind shops display.

Other point is this packaging very lower price relative to metal, glass and cardboard boxes and this that from buyers desire this type packaging has more attractiveness.

Cellophane Packaging Against Other Plastic Packages Like Nylex and Nylon

Nylex and nylon also are low cost packages and with much customization ability but not advised for a line of food materials or special item of food material packages, cases which are usable for nylex and nylon are completely identifiable in site which can for example point to milk packaging nylon.

In whole nylex and nylon resistance is not comparable with cellophane items this goes the same way to the same form from printability point.

CPP Film

Various food material packaging rolls producer

OPP, BOPP, CPP, BOPET and … etc.

Full HD 1 to 12 color print

Printing with two helio and flexo method

In this topic in the first stage have intention introduce to you one of the most practical packaging types in the world for food material and other products meaning CPP film and after explaining its order registration direction and application. (Sani Plast various packaging rolls producer)

What’s CPP Film and has what application?

Film or same as CPP roll is not usable to alone form, instead is a combining layer which becomes laminated mostly on OPP cellophane. Now to what reason doing CPP on OPP roll lamination? With this layer laminate on other layer printability and seal acceptability finds increase which most important of all is packaging resistance and quality increase which is more important of all dominant.

  • Printability Increase
  • Seal acceptability Increase
  • Resistance against moisture
  • Resistance against becoming puncture
  • More resistance

CPP Film Producer

Company producing various Sani Plast polyethylene products is able to produce CPP film in different thicknesses and dimensions and performs any type customer order building with quality guarantee, given this is able to build bags with your order film which is accepts possibility with various seals.

With use of a polyester BOPET layer on the desired packaging becomes tougher from print and seal acceptability moment and this is most important of all is completely sanitary and eat on able is with food (In most case BOPET replace CPP or is opposite and less used with each on top a packaging)

CPP Printing

Given this is which was saying before CPP causes print quality increase to eye hook form, but to whole given company producing various Sani Plast polyethylene products is able to produce and print various packaging films from 1 to 12 color with two helio and flexo printing method. Which print price depends to your design and the colors amount gone to work is in it which for print price receiving alone is enough forward the desire design for us.

BOPP film

Sani Plast various polyethylene product produce company is able to produce various custom and plain BOPP cellophane types, in this article have intention giving explanation till differences and all its same families and BOPP for you till with this topic reading no question remains in mind.

What’s the OPP Cellophane with BOPP Cellophane difference in?

If doing attention to this two name will understand which in one of them alone a B word is added which is biaxally abbreviation.

OPP is to orient polypropylene meaning which has a thin plastic layer. But BOPP is biaxally orient polypropylene abbreviation which a stronger and more clear film which place in most of packages consumable taking use case place from constant light clarity and thickness has had been have eating on constantly and of better protection is have eating on.

What’s BOPP Cellophane Application?

This type alone no is usable for all food material packaging but is usable for all product and can say which more than 90 percent of packages which doing viewing in food material shops using from CPP, OPP and or BOPP.

Thin cellophanes or nylex and nylon packages also is most use case food material packaging industry.

Various Packaging Types Which Can Produce with Mentioned Raw Material

various packaging types lot can produce with this raw material which naming them all is not possible from here on can with choosing this packaging along to an attractive design do create packaging which has not existed in the market and does attracting extra viewers to its self.

But to whole giving packages which with CPP, OPP and or BOPP raw material become production are to empty packaging or roll form delivery become data. Ordering to roll form is becoming simplest type account and with procuring a plain seal machine can start doing packaging but if ordering special packaging like bag product filling must be lend to us or with procuring the requiring item along with our help can do the packaging in your desire place.


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