Plastic Bags With Handle

no restrictions exist in custom dimension

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Band handle nylon in between public basket handle nylon is being famous which is placed as a type of fantasy and mostly for advertising uses therefore this type nylon orders is for uses like clothing stores, boutiques, pharmacies, and …etc. which with use of your advertising and brand print on plastic you can remain in customers’ mind.

Custom print and Nylon with Handle Price

Nylon type and additive item like handle or the type of seal doesn’t have effect in pricing, price is being also calculated based on kilogram and this type nylon order for high custom print is being 200 kilos and volume under this is not accepted due lots of waste.

Print price is being placed based on print type and color count for print price just send the image in mind for us.

To any amount which detail and color count is lower central cylinder and machine print is not required and can with manual silk print sample process print work but if the image in your mind for printing has high details it has effects of print price.

Advertising Band Handle Nylon (Print)

Most orders of this type band handle nylon is in print form, because stores ordering can expand advertising work with phone number, social networks, site address, logo print…etc., accepting printing and designing various images on nylon having handle.

Suitable image designing with consideration to your job has a direct effect in your advertising yield, however much your design print is attractive the more customers’ attention attraction.

Band Handle Nylon Size Category

Each person orders according to job need different dimension of plastic with handle, no restrictions exist in custom dimension and you can order in any dimension and color with any type of nylon with handle image print color.

Print Quality: one of the most important items in band handle advertising nylons is its print quality, because if the print quality bad and not suitable it causes customer with a look to plastic with handle design to pay no attention to it, which has direct effect in advertising yield, beautiful image design and quality print causes you more advertising yield by band handle nylon.

Sani Plast factories group guarantees nylons with handles production and print quality. Sani Plast print is done by flexo, helio and cylinder machinery.

Plain Nylon Having Handles

Plain Nylon Having Handles or the same as color is this product sample without print which is producible in various color schemes with the highest quality coloring.

Various Sani Plast Nylon Production

Band handle nylon is producible in the form of bottom gusset or side gusset, plain (bag).

Raw Material and Quality Production

Two things have direct effects in quality nylon having handles production which include new raw material and up-to-date machinery, it’s seen a lot which our colleagues in this trade with use of waste material and its sale as production with new raw material caused customers dissatisfaction.

 Sani Plast factories group only use in the form of raw waste material which customers request use of grade two material or decrease cost requests.

Transparent Nylon Having Handle Production

Maybe with yourself what problem is transparent band handle nylon for? To give an example can order one top of nylon transparent which the company logo is printed on it and the other side to penalized form which this type of design also has its own special beauty.


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