Cellophane Shrink and PVC Shrink

Producer of thermal cellophanes (shrink) in all dimensions along with 1 to 8 color printing

Production ability in all dimensions

Production quality and print guaranteed

SANI PLAST MEHR is able to produce various plastic products by eliminating intermediators wholesale from factory.


What is cellophane shrink? One of the most used plastics for industrial packaging and wholesale distribution is thermal shrink nylon. Shrink plastic shrinks around the desired product by taking place in heat sanitizing items and making shipping and handling easy.

One of the best conceptual examples for shrink six pack drinks, Delester, mineral water and other fluid packs can be mentioned.

Production in All Dimensions and Thicknesses

Given that shrinkable cellophane has lots of applications, not all of them can be produced in one type therefore according to the need you have of this plastic you must reference dimension and thickness to us.

In most cases for heavy weight products higher thicknesses are used for more strength. Also if you don’t know what dimension or thickness to use for your productions no need to be worried rather just reference the intended product for packaging to us so with trial and error we produce exactly the desired sample for you.

Shrink Plastic Color

There are no limits in base color for production and you can use base color samples instead of transparent shrink nylon which it will take a very attractive appearance with print.

Heat Shrink Nylon Production Quality Grading

SANI PLAST factories use the best quality raw material for production, but based on customer request for lower costs recycled raw material can be used, in bottom production quality grading can be viewed.

  1. 1st class with new raw material and with quality
  2. 2nd class with waste product raw material
  3. 3rd class with waste product raw material

Grade quality has no effect in the nylon shrink ability, and it only effects its appearance causing produced shrink more haze.

Cellophane shrink after production will be provided to customers as shrink film.

Print on Shrink Nylon

As we said previously for creating a chic and attractive appearance for product shrink packaging use base color along with print which cause your produced product advertisement and sales efficiency to increase, because attractive appearance has direct effect in product sales in super markets.

Print quality guarantee: SANI PLAST will resolve all your needs herein by using 1 to 6 color and 1 to 8 color full hd print along with most updated machines and experienced staff. Along with quality printing and high production due to intermediators elimination and suitable pricing you can receive the lowest prices from us also.

PVC Shrink Film

This type of PVC shrink film is divided in two kinds, dry and flexible. PVC shrink is producible in different thicknesses from 17 micron to 50 micron. Also this type of film has high transparency and usually for packaging and shrinking different products due to its high shrink ability PVC shrink is used.

PVC Shrink Production in SANI PLAST

SANI PLAST factories with intermediators elimination and direct production from factory is able to produce various PVC shrink in all size categories. One of the important factors in PVC shrink quality is quality new raw material and up-to-date machinery.

SANI PLAST factories in case customer requests can make use of grade 2 or 3 also, which causes price decrease.

PVC shrink standard widths are the following:  20cm – 30cm – 35cm – 40cm – 45cm – 50cm – 55cm – 60cm – 70cm, but based on customers’ request it’s producible in custom dimension also. In case you don’t know what dimension of PVC shrink to use for your job just make contact with factory management in the contact us section.

PVC Shrink Application

Self-adhesive plastic or the same as PVC shrink is mostly used in industrial products like electronic parts plastic. And usable in beauty pharma food product also.

Another one of this plastics application can point production material easy shipping and handling.

PVC shrink is impenetrable, meaning if drop the product packaged with this material in an oil container the packaged product inside it will not see any damage.

This type films accepts shrinking in heat temperature over 20 degrees centigrade because it has to be stored in temperature under 20 degrees.

Importance of Shrink Use

Shrink has very high transparency, which along with suitable appearance causes aerial dust and damage prevention on product preventing and will make product last longer.

PVC Shrink Label (Print)

One of the most famous use items of PVC shrink, is PVC shrink label which must have seen it at least once, to give an example packaging plastic which is around red sauce, mayonnaise, lamp use, printed cartons packaging and …etc.

PVC Print Quality Importance: the main reason food, beauty and health packaging product is with this type plastic is this that causes prevention of dust crossing and lasting product, but this type of product for better sale and higher yield requires a prettier and chicer packaging which is done with quality printing and attractive design, SANI PLAST factories does the highest possible quality printing and in case customer requests helps in designing it also.

Print quality is fully guaranteed, because we are sure of our work quality.

Use Direction of PVC Shrink

To two kind PVC shrink nylon is put in use

  • Manual: in manual method can do shrink packaging or shrinking operation with household or industrial blow dryer.
  • Machine: in this method shrinking is done in bulk form and with industrial machinery.


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