Trash Bag

  • SANI PLAST is able to produce and distribute
  • trash bags with low and competitive prices
  • which is also offered with guaranteed quality



Trash Bag Production and Distribution

SANI PLAST is able to produce and distribute trash bags with low and competitive prices, which is also offered with guaranteed quality. In continuation of topic follow us till the various trash bags, color schemes, effective factors on price, various additives, how to order… and etc. information is extended.

What is the Raw Material for Trash Bag Production?

For any type of plastic derivatives for packaging polyethylene raw material is used which is considered to be the same as new petrochemical raw material, but, for our customers’ lower costs always advising for trash bags instead of using new raw material use from grade 2 or 3 raw material which is called waste because trash bag has no application to give new raw material costs unless in situations which customers need has been special and wants trash bag to be produced with new raw material.
If you don’t know the difference of plastic with grade 1 raw material with 2 or lower click here.

Trash Bags in Wide Color Scheme Rage

Restrictions don’t exist for trash bag production in various color schemes and you can order your desired sample in any color range that you have in mind. Based on orders given to us mostly color schemes of black, white, yellow, green or blue are used for trash bags.
For viewing trash bags in various color schemes click here.

Various Trash Bags and Additive Items to It

The distinction of any trash bag with one another is recognized to the additive which is added while in production, as an example for biodegradable trash bags master batch is used which according to its amount plastic degrading time is figured, even a trash bag color scheme, it’s also a type of an additive that is added to it, plastic additives are extensive and a lot with different application which can’t name all of them.
Production in All Thickness and Dimensions and Accepting Various Customizations
There is no restriction in thickness or dimension and you can do order registration in any thickness or dimension which you have considered, also if you don’t know which dimension or thickness to use just contact our consultants.
Any general custom making from print, seal, roll, perforation …etc. is also accepted.

Bulk Trash Bag Price

Pricing is according to the selected raw material grading and petrochemical daily prices calculated on each kilogram, which due to raw material price changes we are not able to register prices in site thus for receiving price contact us.
SANI PLAST is the trash bag wholesale distributer and wholesale producer and orders under 200 kilo due to high waste in production is not acceptable and trash bag production and prices are in kilo form.

Trash Bag Usual Dimension

• 90 × 70 trash bag
• 120 × 80 trash bag
• 120 × 90 trash bag
• 120 × 100 trash bag
• 140 × 120 trash bag
View various trash bag in here.


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