Sani Plast Mehr

Producer of different types of products
  • The address of Centeral office
  • Unit 24 , A3 floor , Atlas Mall , Niavaran , Tehran , Iran
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  • 0912-299-8947 | 0912-271-8817 | 091235-888-69
  • directly production from factory
  • We have 2 kinds of production, one of them is related to the needs of customers and other had produced previously and they exist in warehouse.


Quality assurance of production All produced products by Saniplastmehr company have the quality of control, according to signed contract, that in case of problems, we will return the produced products.


Appropriate price You can receive the products with economical prices ( 30% under the price of market) according to omit the middleman and direct selling from factory.


Full HD printing on various plastic printing with full HD 8 color Helio device and full HD 6 color Felxo device or silk printing ( mannual printing) cause to have a high quality with the shortest detail in each pictures.


Saniplastmehr production containing from nylon, nylex, cellphonate shrink , stretch pallet, greenhouse nylon, rubbish bag, handle bag and so on ...


Choose the price by yourself

Saniplastmehr company present the best price with ommiting the middleman, selling the products to the customers directly and diversity in using raw materials.
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