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About the history of Sony Plast, the history of Sany Plast

Sani Plast Company started its work in 2013 in a small production unit in Tehran and after a short period of time, according to the needs of the market and the ability of the engineers of this complex, it increased production, so that today, with more than 16 years Continuous efforts have increased its annual production to more than 36,000 tons and according to the daily needs of customers, it has provided its customers with various and complete products.


Field of activity of Sani Plast

Sani Plast Mehr production group has been producing and printing nylon, nylon, stretch, cellophane, fear, shirink, shopping bags, advertising, stores, etc.
Sani plast Mehr production group is able to produce and print more than 15 tons of nylon, nylex and cellophane daily without loss of quality. This collection is presented in search of the best and highest quality products.

By placing our production units in Tehran and its suburbs, we have tried to be as close as possible to our dear customers so that the shipping costs for them are less and we have the honor of meeting them in person.
Sunny Plast Mehr uses special raw materials for trades that require a very high level of hygiene, such as hospitals, health manufacturers, food, etc. Also, this company has started its activity in the field of plastic industrial machinery production since 2019.

Setting up the second factory

The start of work (2019) Sunny Plast in 2019, relying on technical knowledge and efficient and development-oriented managers, opened its third unit in a land area of ​​10000 meters in Safadasht industrial town in the field of production of various stretch pallet band films, OPP film- CPE-CPP started laminating and printing in order to meet the needs of its customers in the best possible way.

Setting up machinery

In 2019 and due to the outbreak of Corona, Sani Plast Engineering Group produced the first disposable glove sewing and cutting machine with completely internal equipment. In order to be able to serve the country’s plastic industry, the health and safety of the society. In the first phase of machine building, we started producing sewing and cutting machines of all kinds of nylons and gloves, and now we are starting to study in the field of producing extrusion lines to produce all kinds of plastic films with the cooperation and participation of our Indian partners with the best technology in the world. We have done and we hope to be able to localize the first advanced plastic film production machine in the country.

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